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Study in the Dubai

Dubai is a land of opportunities for the study abroad student, entrepreneur and a delight for the inquisitive traveler. Strategically located between the east and the west, the city beautifully blends elements of both, typified in its ultra-modern skyscrapers and conveniences, nestling amidst motifs of its rich Arab-Islamic culture. To the study abroad student, this technologically advanced city with its continuous focus on innovation, offers a conducive environment for experiential learning, creative thinking and independent action. Architecture, business administration, design, tourism, engineering and international relations are just a few of the subjects you can study in Dubai. Even more appealing is the opportunity to widen cultural horizons through direct interaction with over 160 nationalities.


Why study in the Dubai?

International students today have a wide variety of destinations to choose from when 
trying to make a decision as to where to pursue their studies. Studying abroad is a major investment and it is important for students to make an informed choice, based on facts. Dubai is a choice destination for thousands of students, and below are some of the reasons why these students decide to study in Dubai


High Quality of Education

Dubai can offer high quality education of both undergraduate and postgraduate students with world class teaching and practical, leading-edge research.


Cheaper, easier, and faster

A typical degree in Dubai is significantly cheaper than studying the same course at a UK or Australian campus. In addition, getting offices and is relatively straight forward.


Multicultural Environment

Dubai is home to about 1.9 million people from nearly 200 nationalities, Dubai has a growing reputation as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world so living and studying in Dubai has a lot to offer. 


High Quality of Life

In Dubai the sun shines almost every day, the shopping and leisure facilities are world class, and the salaries are tax-free. Dubai has been named as the best resort in the region of the Indian Ocean, Middle East and Central Asia.


Safe and Stable Country

Dubai is safe, politically stable, centrally located and has a good education system and the healthcare facilities, modern infrastructure are excellent. The transport system is both affordable and first class.


Highly Innovative 

Living in Dubai is exciting and something new and different happens on a regular basis. Just when you think you've seen it all, a new project is announced, whether it is the launch of a sports stadium, a mega commercial tower, a residential enclave or yet another shopping mall! Dubai is constantly on the move, striving for greater heights and more facilities and comfort for its residents and visitors.

Life in the Dubai

As a student you will have the option of living in university residences with separate accommodation for boys and girls. With the influx of foreign workers in Dubai, the demand for living spaces is high resulting in private accommodation being an expensive affair. Life at university or College while studying in Dubai is a worthwhile experience; you would have very casual studying style, you will not be pressed by your teachers on any task but everything will be on your own responsibility, you are relaxed and there are seldom stressful deadlines.


After You studies

After you have completed your studies in Dubai, you have varied options. You can further pursue a higher level of education, you would have post-study work rights in Dubai for up to two years or you can head home.


Dubai Student Visa Requirements

In the Dubai, generally a student have to have 

  • 12 years of education to get admission in undergraduate course,
  • 4 years bachelor’s degree to get admission in Postgraduate courses.

Dubai Student Visa Major Intakes

Mostly universities & Colleges offered intake is September / March but fewuniversities

 offer Jan / Feb / April intake also.


Admission Documents Requirement

The Dubai student visa you need depends on your chosen course of study. As a guide, the
typical key requirements you will need to meet are:

  • All educational documents including their transcripts.
  • English language proficiency certificate (IELTS).
  • 6 months valid passport (1st + 2nd page)
  • CNIC
  • 2 reference letters from your institute or any teacher

Processing Time for Dubai Student Visa

Dubai student visa application processing can take 2 to 3 weeks to finalize you application.



Cost of Study

Undergraduate programs $ 8,000 to 10,000 Per Year
Postgraduate programs $ 9,500 to 12,000 Per year
Foundation program
$ 6,800 Per year

Dubai Student Visa Cost & Other Charges

Visa charges
2000 AED
Medical Insurance
1500 AED

Language Proficiency

Direct entry into BBA
IELTS 5.5 overall
Direct entry into Master
IELTS 6.0 overall
Sometimes language proficiency score can vary, depending upon the institution’s requirements or the course you select.