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Study in European Cyprus

Cyprus is situated in the northeastern corner of the Mediterranean, at the meeting point of Europe, Asia and Africa. Since the dawn of history, Cyprus has been one of the most interesting areas of the region and has a rich and visible cultural history. Cyprus provides an ideal setting for higher learning, it is no wonder that it has become a major international education center, attracting scholars and students from all over the region, fostering international understanding and peace. This cultural diversity makes it a forum for international understanding and peace. There are many reputed colleges there


Why study in the Cyprus?

Studying in Cyprus you will receive a high quality international education at an affordable cost. You will make friends from all over the world at whichever of the Cyprian universities you choose to attend. As Cyprus is located at the crossroad of Africa, Asia and Europe it has experienced many different cultures through time. Be prepared for a diverse explosion of culture as you enter this beautiful Mediterranean island.


Life in the Cyprus

The beautiful island-nation of Cyprus is located in the south-eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, covering an area of 9,251 sq. km. with a population of 780,000. Cyprus offers a modern cosmopolitan society amidst a superb scenery of high mountain ranges, pine forests and fertile plains. Breath-taking coastlines and sunny beaches, and a historical and archaeological heritage of ten thousand years make the island the ideal place to live and study.


Work while you Study

You can work while you study in Cyprus. Students are permitted to work maximum for 28 hours a week during their semester but first 6 months student is not allowed to work.

Cyprus has a range of work opportunities for overseas students, including: Supermarkets, department and clothing stores, cafes, bars and restaurants, hotels and motels, Sales and telemarketing and Administration or Clerical roles.


After Your studies

After you have completed your studies in Dubai, you have varied options. You can further pursue a higher level of education, you would have post-study work rights in Dubai for up to two years or you can head home.


Cyprus Student Visa Entry Requirements

In the Dubai, generally a student have to have 

  • 12 years of education to get admission in undergraduate course,
  • 4 years bachelor’s degree to get admission in Postgraduate courses.

Language Proficiency

IELTS is not compulsory for Cyprus


CYPRUS Student Visa Major Intakes

Mostly universities & Colleges offered intake is September / March but few universities offer Jan / Feb / April and June intake also.


Admission Documents Requirement

The Cyprus student visa you need depends on your chosen course of study. As a guide, the typical key requirements you will need to meet are:

  • Copies of all academic documents and transcripts of matric, Inter, graduation etc.
  • Statement of purpose - please writes a very good 200-250 words personal statement and signs it.
  • 6 months valid passport (1st + 2nd page)
  • CNIC
  • 2 reference letters from your institute or any teacher

Processing Time for Cyprus Student Visa

Cyprus student visa application processing can take 3 to 4 weeks to finalize you application.



Cost of Study

Undergraduate programs € 28,000 to 3,500 Per Year
Postgraduate programs € 5,000 to 7,000 Per year
Foundation program
€ 3,000 to 4,500

Cyprus Student Visa Other Charges

Registration Fee
€ 200
Visa Charges
€ 500 after visa approval

Financial Requirements

Bank Statment
7,000 € with ending balance