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Our Services

Following are our services:


In recent years, MI has started contributing and helping poor students and families in Pakistan for the basic life necessities specially education. A proportionate of MI's income goes to Twilight Foundation to help poor Students. Join us to help us to help Pakistan in this effort.

For Study Abroad:

  • Selecting most suitable course & institution for Students according to their budget.
  • Guiding students about eligibility and courses.
  • Managing the application process from start till end.
  • Guidance about visa files preparation & application management.
  • Interview preparation
  • Pre-Departure Briefing
  • Part time jobs.
  • Discounted tickets to travel abroad.
  • Airport pick up.


For Institutions:

  • Exclusive marketing for institutions all over the world to promote.
  • Advertisement arrangement in Newspapers and notational magazines. Campaigns on social media.Seminars /Presentations.
  • Students Tests conducting and Interview on behalf of Institutes.
  • Attend/Arrangement to conduct Educational Fairs & Exhibitions. Country Admission office.
  • liaison with Government departments, Embassies and others on behalf of institutions.
  • Regular feed back on the market trends, changes and Market intelligence.


For Immigration:

  • Skilled Immigration
  • Business immigration
  • Partner immigration